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Adoptees Connect Book Initiative

At Adoptees Connect we’re 100% focused on creating more resources for adult adoptees!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Adoptees Connect Book Initiative! We have a generous amount of individuals who reach out to ask asking how they can help!

Here’s how…


At Adoptees Connect we believe one of the main sources of validating the adoptee experience is by reading adoptee centric stories, books, poems and memoirs. Not all Adoptees are fortunate enough to be able to obtain these resources and materials due to a variety of factors. Not all Adoptees know they are available. Facts, Local libraries usually have a very limited selection of adoptee centric reading literature!

dcf5d357-cc84-45ac-86a3-76f299416979Our Founder and President, Pamela Karanova realized she’s been collecting adoptee centric books, stories, memoirs and poetry for over 10 years. As these books stacked up on her book shelf, most collecting dust, she decided she wanted to pour into her local adoptee community and use her collection to assist in validating the experiences of her fellow Adoptees. She did this by starting a “Adoptees Connect Lending Library” for her local Adoptees Connect affiliate in Lexington, KY. 📚

Just like Pamela’s vision for Adoptees Connect, she didn’t want this to be limited to her community of Adoptees. She wanted it for all the Adoptees Connect affiliates across the USA and abroad.

We’re asking for the help of Adoptees and our friends in Adoption!

Please consider donating your old adoptee related books, memoirs, stories, poetry books to our Adoptees Connect Book Initiative. Maybe you are an adoptee author, or an adoptee who’s got a few adoptee books you are ready to part with? Maybe you aren’t an adoptee at all, but you’ve collected some adoptee centric books to learn more about the adoptee experience? Don’t let those books collect dust for another day and consider generously donating them to a wonderful cause designed specifically for Adoptees.

Whatever hat you wear, we would love your participation in our Adoptees Connect Book Initiative!

3dbfd958-919e-48da-8e88-3ac9543183a5In return, Adoptees Connect, Inc. will commit in distributing all adoptee centric books to our Adoptees Connect Affiliate Small Groups around the country. We want ALL Adoptees have a chance at validating the ADOPTEE EXPERIENCE by reading adoptee centric books by and from fellow Adoptees.

*If you don’t have any books to donate but would still like to support our mission Adoptees Connect Inc. is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations to Adoptees Connect are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility. EIN: 83-1862971. Thank you for your generosity in helping our vision move forward.


We love simplicity so anyone who wants to participate please mail your adoptee centric books to:

Adoptees Connect, Inc.
P.O. Box 24404
Lexington, KY 40524-4404

Please share this diligently as we’re seeking adoptee centric book donations from those near and far! Thank you in advance for your generous donations and for sharing this information!

We aren’t waiting on change, we are the change!

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