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Adoptees Connect, Inc. & Google Earth Meet


By Pamela Karanova 

We’re always looking to add amazing additions and growth to our growing network. We’re happy to announce we’ve made the decision to add an astonishing & exciting project to our organization. Google Earth will now feature all of our group locations to an exclusive Adoptees Connect Google Earth Project that will better serve the adoption community. 

What is Google Earth? It’s a geobrowser that accesses satellite and aerial imagery, 11a970ed-e905-49ef-9021-ca9833779b70providing a unique comprehensive and interactive map of all our group locations around the world. As our groups grow, our Adoptees Connect Google Earth Project will grow. 

Google Earth is visible online through the Google Chrome web browser and it’s also available by downloading the Google Earth app on your smartphone. You have to create and sign into a Google account to see this interactive map. We’re working on app software development for Adoptees Connect, Inc. but for now our Google Earth project will be an amazing extension to our growing organization.

Anyone that has the link, will be able to view our project. If you click on each pinpoint, it will pull up the facilitators contact information which will be easily accessible for anyone trying to find our groups. Google Earth allows a “Present” feature you can click on and sit back and watch the slide show of all of our group locations around the USA and abroad. 

As our groups continue to grow, this interactive map will be a key feature of connecting adoptees with other adoptees, which is the heart of Adoptees Connect, Inc. We hope you enjoy and admire this new project as much as we do. Be sure to share it with your online communities. New groups will be added all the time so check back often.  

We’re not waiting on change, We are the change. 

Adoptees Connect, Inc.

To access our Adoptees Connect Google Earth Project click HERE.



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