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Organically Planted & Slowly Grown


One of our core beliefs for Adoptee Connect Groups is meeting in real life with our fellow adoptees and building lifelong relationships in the process. For those who might not know, it’s important to our team and vision at Adoptees Connect, Inc. that our groups are organically planted & slowly grown.

What does this mean?

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the relationships.

Over the years meeting and getting to know other people in real life has diminished in many ways due to the high increasing use of the internet. Mixed with convenience and time restraints, many of us have found that connecting online is simply what works best for us. Due to this increase of online activities, we’ve noticed a decline in making connections in real life. We’re striving to change this and bring back the real-life connections we’re all meant to have. There is nothing quite like connecting with other adoptees in real life who speak the same language as us. Our groups are designed to take online relationships off line and to get to know the person behind the profile.

Over the last few years we’ve noticed a change in the online adoptee community, and it’s been a shift that not everyone can sway with. This shift has been positive in many regards but no doubt some of the online spaces that say they are “Adoptee Safe” aren’t safe at all. After years of navigating these online groups, many of us have made the choice to evacuate these spaces for many reasons, but mainly for our own self-preservation.

As a part of Adoptees Connect, we’ve made it known from the beginning that we’re deeply focused on building relationships with adoptees, in real life, in our communities.  We feel this process can’t be rushed, manufactured, or forged. A true sincere, authentic, genuine connection is something that takes time. If it’s rushed, we feel it can lead to an inauthentic relationship which we believe takes away from our vision and mission.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in how many people show up to our groups focusing on the numbers. It’s easy to compare our groups to other groups where 20, 30, even 100 people show up. It’s important that our groups grow, but the numbers aren’t so important that we focus more on the numbers, than building the relationships.

Meeting – A coming together of two of more people, by chance or arrangement.

At Adoptees Connect we believe if one other adoptee shows up, our meeting is a success. Growing our groups slowly is a key aspect to building the lifelong relationships with those adoptees in our groups. The intimate connection you can build with another adoptee, one on one is something that will eventually be a rarity to our connect groups. There is no doubt our connect groups are going to grow. In the meantime, if we view our one on one time with one another as we slowly grow our groups as something of great value, like a rare jewel it will add a much richer, deeper connection than if we try to grow our groups fast and forged by pushing an agenda. It’s easy to create a massive wave of manufactured Adoptees Connect groups where the personal aspect of building the relationships in these groups is nonexistent.

Bigger Numbers.

More Groups.



That’s not what we’re trying to do through Adoptees Connect.

We believe planting Adoptee Connect Groups organically is KEY.

We’ve posted online about Adoptees Connect by sharing information on different platforms. Social Media, articles, podcasts, our website, etc. We feel very strongly that if an adoptee sees what we’ve shared on these platforms and they are interested in learning more about our mission that they should be the ones to make take the first step and make the inquiry about attending the groups, volunteering, or planting a group. We believe it should be a heart matter within each adoptee who is considering planting an Adoptees Connect group, and when they feel in their heart, they have a desire to ask questions, and complete the volunteer application process it will be because they wanted to do this, not because we’re pursuing them to fulfill an agenda.

If we pursue adoptees to fulfill an agenda, it will take the sincerity out of the decision being made by the adoptee based on a personal matter of the heart. These decisions to step up and plant these groups aren’t to be taken lightly. They are a commitment, and they take time. Adoptees Connect will never try to push an agenda on adoptees and we feel our success so far has been made by adoptees stepping forward, asking questions themselves and this begins the beautiful process of not only building a relationship with them, but also the possibility of them planting an Adoptees Connect group slowly and organically.

As we continue to navigate the new year, and our groups continue to be planted organically and grow slowly, part of our mission is not stopping until we have an Adoptees Connect group in every city and state in the USA. We’re backing that up, but we also care too much about the relationships to expect this will be done overnight.  If you reach out to us and inquire about volunteering for our organization, we will be happy to share any information, as well as share our Volunteer Application process with you. As a nonprofit dedicated to creating resources for adult adoptees we must give an authentic look at our core beliefs. Reflecting on them, our desire is to build relationships in real life with our fellow adoptees, that last a lifetime.

Please know we will never solicit an agenda on you about volunteering for our organization.

If you step out first, we will step out with you.

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the relationships.

Thanks for reading,

Adoptees Connect, Inc.




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