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Adoptees Connect Logo Copyright Disclaimer*

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“Adoptees Connect” is a registered trademarked and copyright; it cannot be used without permission. Each written article and all information its entirety, which appears on http://www.adopteesconnect.com has been written for http://www.adopteesconnect.com exclusively and may not be shared without permission.

What this means is that if our logo is used without our consent we have legal rights to pursue criminal copyright infringement penalties in which the penalties can be up to $250,000 and up to 5 years in prison. Of course this is an absolute last resort but in order to prevent these measures, we would like the public to be aware of a few things regarding our logo. 

If you are not one of our verified volunteers, you do not have permission to use our logo.

Our volunteers have permission to use our logos for: 

  • Social Media for their group
  • Branding photos for their group
  • Branding business cards for their group
  • Branding letterheads for their group
  • Branding flyers for their group 
  • Branding graphics for their group

Our logo is NOT for:

  • Branding any merchandise for sale
  • Branding any merchandise for promotion
  • Branding any merchandise for your group
  • Branding groups with our name and logo but not complying with the volunteer application process that launched January 2019
  • Branding groups, events, personal activities, or writings that have nothing to do with Adoptees Connect, Inc. 
  • Anyone who is not a verified volunteer for Adoptees Connect, Inc.
  • You cannot use our logo or name after your partnership with Adoptees Connect, Inc. has come to an end. 

If any of these areas are violated, we will extend one warning to end use of our logo and name. If this activity proceeds, you will expect Copyright Infringement Cease and Desist letter followed by legal action if needed. Our hope is that we are clear on what the use of our logo and name should be used for, so we can prevent any measures that may cause harm to our partnership. 

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