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Adoptees Connect, Inc.  For Adoptees, By Adoptees.

Invest in Adoptees Connect, Inc.  Invest in the adoptee community.

When you sponsor a group or Adoptees Connect, Inc, you offer a hand up — not a handout — to an adoptee working to plant a connect group in their community through hard work, initiative and hope.

Your contribution will directly benefit the specific individual you sponsor to help purchase their startup kit, plant their group and assist Adoptees Connect along the way. 

But your sponsorship does so much more.

With your support, our program empowers sponsored individuals and their fellow adoptees in providing an adoptee-centric connect group that has proven to change the lives of adoptees around the USA and beyond. Community is everything, connecting with those who understand changes lives. 

“This last year I connected with a small group of adoptees in real life for the first time. It was one of the most powerful and healing experiences in my adoption journey and motivated me to start my own Adoptees Connect group in my area. I’m lucky to have supportive people in my life, but being in a group of adoptees gives me community and a sense of understanding I hadn’t experienced before.” – Kristen J, Adoptees Connect – Salt Lake City, Utah

A few of the benefits your sponsorship will provide and what impact that will have on the adoptee community:

  • Joining Adoptees Connect means becoming aligned with a well-respected non-profit that is the first worldwide community designed specifically for adult adoptees by adult adoptees. We’ve worked hard to establish an excellent reputation in the communities we serve, among our volunteers, and in the adoption community.
  • As we continue to expand, you will be part of a global organization and will have an identity—a logo, brand, and mission—that is both recognized and esteemed throughout the world and the adoption community.
  • Your sponsorship will help a group receive all the materials they need to create a safe space for adult adoptees.
  • We provide additional resources—database, files, the affiliate/facilitator manual on starting, resources on growing and facilitating a group, as well as our exclusive internal communications portal via our Facebook group —are available to affiliates to encourage communication among the network and the sharing of best practices. We have a community of support that’s already built for each facilitator and many resources to guide them in planting and growing their group.
  • We keep our group listing up-to-date on our website to provide publicity for each group.
  • We provide 5 different Adoptees Connect logos for facilitators to use on social media, photos, flyers and letterheads for each group.
  • We provide a space on our website for facilitators and partners to report any changes within the group such as contact information. 
  • We collect monthly check-ins from facilitators which help facilitator productivity in facilitating groups.
  • We provide new facilitators with a checklist to assist with planting groups.
  • We collect attendee surveys so attendees can provide feedback to further improve groups.
  •  A coupon code will be provided tor all affiliates at Adoptee Merch for 20% off all purchases for groups, partners, attendees and volunteers of affiliate groups.
  • Each affiliate has the chance to be in partnership with the very first adoptee-centric resource for adult adoptees changing lives all over the world. Your sponsorship will help make this happen. 

Thanks to your sponsorship, support and encouragement, our groups are expanding nationwide and globally.  

Over time, it’s the hope of Adoptees Connect to plant a group in every city, in every state in the country. This way, anywhere an adoptee might go, they will always have a community to fall back on. Our groups are designed to take online relationships offline, and to get to know the person behind the profile. 

Adoptees Connect, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit. Your support enables us to continue to plant groups around the USA and abroad. Partnering with Adoptees Connect, Inc. is about breaking cycles of adoptee isolation and loneliness by offering in-person communities to the adult adoptee population that have otherwise been unavailable. We’re not merely asking you to donate to charity, we’re asking you to invest in the adoptee community.

Give a one time gift or become a monthly partner or sponsor. Choose a suggested amount below or your own custom gift:

  • $10 – Ships an adoptee-centric book box from our Adoptees Connect Book Initiative to a member/group of the Adoptees Connect community. 
  • $35 –Provides a scholarship for the yearly membership fee for a single Adoptees Connect group.
  •  $75 – Buys a welcome kit for new volunteers/facilitators. 
  •  $99 – Allows our already formed groups to branch off and start an affiliate group i.e.; Adoptees Connect – Transnational & Transracial, Adoptees Connect – Adoptees in Recovery, Adoptees Connect – LGBTQ, and Adopteens Connect.
  • $125 –Supports an Adoptees Connect small group for one entire year, allowing Adoptees Connect to provide revised/edited/updated facilitator manuals, resources, logos, publicizing on our website and direct access to immediate support in our exclusive group when questions or concerns arise.
  • $150 – Pays for Startup fees for a USA group to be planted with one facilitator as a part of our sponsorship program.  
  • $199 – Pays for Startup fees for a USA group to be planted with two facilitators as a part of our sponsorship program.  $199 also Pays for Startup fees for an international group (outside the USA) to be planted with one facilitator as a part of our sponsorship program.   
  • $249  –Pays for Startup fees for an international group (outside the USA) to be planted with two facilitators as a part of our sponsorship program.  
  • $500 – Allows us to pay for promotional items, administrative tasks, miscellaneous expenses. Examples: Monthly phone, P.O. Box, website fees, Phone, etc. 
  • $1,000 –Allows us to upgrade our website, expanding our groups internationally in 2020 and work on software development for an Adoptees Connect app we will be launching. This will also help us continue the planning of Adopteens Connect which we hope to launch in 2020.   

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Your first contribution gets everything started in planting one of our small groups, or it will help in one of the areas listed above. If you decide to sponsor a group in being planted, we’ll send you an email receipt and send your new sponsored friend the exciting news that he or she now has a sponsor and will be able to move forward with planting an Adoptees Connect group in their community.

Becoming a featured sponsor or partner

  • Be featured on our exclusive sponsor & partnership tab on our website.
  • We will share your information with our online community via our social media platform by giving you an exclusive “shout out” on behalf of Adoptees Connect, Inc.  
  • Send us your marketing materials and we will share them with our groups.
  • Receive updates from the group you helped plant.  

Get involved

Make the most of your sponsorship experience by:

  • Share your sponsorship with your family and friends
  • Invite others to become sponsors
  • Communicating with your sponsored friend, possibly building a relationship with them. 


Gifts may be directed to a program of your choice. Financial support as well as donations are accepted. Please let us know if you have questions or would like to be involved in a special project.

Send check donations to:

Adoptees Connect, Inc. 

P.O.Box 24404

Lexington, KY 40524-4404

Together, we can create a world where every adoptee has an adoptee-centric community to fall back on. Together, we aren’t waiting on change. We are the change. 

Join the team.

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