Before Adoptees Connect began, there were very few, if any, places that adult adoptees could go to find a community; a space where they could go that was only for adoptees. While online groups or general adoption support groups were plentiful, there was no concrete space for adult adoptees.

From this noticeable lack, Adoptees Connect was born. 

At Adoptees Connect we focus on putting adoptee voices first, creating a valuable adoptee-centric space where adoptee voices meet, meaning it is created by and for adoptees.

The first connect group was planted in Lexington, KY in January of 2018. The groups stray away from the traditional support group model, placing more emphasis on building strong, healthy relationships with other adoptees. Connect groups are meant to be a place of conversation and validation.

No matter what background you come from or what your experience with being adopted has been, all adoptees have a place within Adoptees Connect. In addition, whether adoptees are hiking, having coffee, or going out to eat, there are a wide variety of opportunities to connect outside of the monthly connect group meeting.

0fbfeab4-e5a1-4e49-a260-62786982598bIn just two short years, 45 connect groups have been planted in different cities. It is the hope of Adoptees Connect to plant a group every city in every state in the country; this way, anywhere an adoptee will go, there will always be a community to fall back on. Our groups are designed to take online relationships offline, and to get to know the person behind the profile.


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