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January 13, 2018 Is When It All Began…

  By Pamela Karanova January 13, 2018 is when it all began. Our Adoptees Connect - Lexington, KY group met for the first time. A few hours earlier, the Adoptees Connect - Lancaster, PA group met hosted by our longtime friend & facilitator, Kevin Engle. Kevin and I laugh at the fact (and he will… Continue reading January 13, 2018 Is When It All Began…

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Adoptees Connect: In Our Own Words – Introducing Jacquelin Taybron

“Besides my complexion, my hair has always been the thing that made me different from everyone in my adoptive family... I haven’t always loved it. I didn’t like my hair until I started seeing myself through my own eyes.” Can you start by giving us a little background of your adoptee journey? I was born… Continue reading Adoptees Connect: In Our Own Words – Introducing Jacquelin Taybron

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Adoptees Connect Book Initiative

At Adoptees Connect we’re 100% focused on creating more resources for adult adoptees! We’re excited to announce the launch of our Adoptees Connect Book Initiative! We have a generous amount of individuals who reach out to ask asking how they can help! Here’s how… At Adoptees Connect we believe one of the main sources of… Continue reading Adoptees Connect Book Initiative

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Organically Planted & Slowly Grown

One of our core beliefs for Adoptee Connect Groups is meeting in real life with our fellow adoptees and building lifelong relationships in the process. For those who might not know, it’s important to our team and vision at Adoptees Connect, Inc. that our groups are organically planted & slowly grown. What does this mean?… Continue reading Organically Planted & Slowly Grown