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January 13, 2018 Is When It All Began…

  By Pamela Karanova January 13, 2018 is when it all began. Our Adoptees Connect - Lexington, KY group met for the first time. A few hours earlier, the Adoptees Connect - Lancaster, PA group met hosted by our longtime friend & facilitator, Kevin Engle. Kevin and I laugh at the fact (and he will… Continue reading January 13, 2018 Is When It All Began…

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Adoptees Connect: In Our Own Words – Introducing Becca Hahn

  Becca, can you give us a little background about yourself & your adoption? I was born January 18th, 1990 and was adopted shortly after. I was told that my birthmother was gone by the time my adoptive parents came to get me at the hospital and that all arrangements had been made with a… Continue reading Adoptees Connect: In Our Own Words – Introducing Becca Hahn

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Adoptees Connect Book Initiative

At Adoptees Connect we’re 100% focused on creating more resources for adult adoptees! We’re excited to announce the launch of our Adoptees Connect Book Initiative! We have a generous amount of individuals who reach out to ask asking how they can help! Here’s how… At Adoptees Connect we believe one of the main sources of… Continue reading Adoptees Connect Book Initiative

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Organically Planted & Slowly Grown

One of our core beliefs for Adoptee Connect Groups is meeting in real life with our fellow adoptees and building lifelong relationships in the process. For those who might not know, it’s important to our team and vision at Adoptees Connect, Inc. that our groups are organically planted & slowly grown. What does this mean?… Continue reading Organically Planted & Slowly Grown

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Collaborating with Adoptee Merch

We're excited and honored to announce our collaboration with Adoptee Merch. Recently they shared an article on their website with details regarding this decision. The article as follows: When Adoptee Merch was created and launched around New Year’s 2018 one of our missions was to be able to focus on putting adoptee voices first. As… Continue reading Collaborating with Adoptee Merch

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We’re Attending the Indiana Adoptee Network Conference!

We're excited to announce many of the Adoptees Connect Facilitators and Attendees from around the USA will be attending the Indiana Adoptee Network Conference the weekend of April 5th - 7th. We're really excited to be a part of this wonderful event! If you are attending and would be interested in meeting up with some of our… Continue reading We’re Attending the Indiana Adoptee Network Conference!

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NAAM18 November Poll Results Powered by Adoptees Connect

Here are the completed poll results we promised our followers and the online adoption community. For the non-adoptees who might come across this article, we're happy you are here. There is no one in the adoption "arena" who is more experienced about what it feels like to be adopted than adult adoptees. Our experiences are… Continue reading NAAM18 November Poll Results Powered by Adoptees Connect

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Moving Forward with Exciting News

After a long thought out process, much prayer and dedication to the mission of Adoptees Connect I've made some changes to better serve the adoptee community and Adoptees Connect groups being planted globally. Due to the rapidly growing Adoptees Connect groups I've made the decision to incorporate Adoptees Connect and apply for 501(c)(3)  status which has… Continue reading Moving Forward with Exciting News

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Adoptees Connect Small Groups are in 17 Locations in 9 Months!

Day by day our groups are growing, and adoptees are stepping up to make a commitment to plant these groups! This is a cause for celebration! I’m literally blown away at the network that is being built and woven together by our adoptee community via Adoptees Connect! For so many of us, its been a… Continue reading Adoptees Connect Small Groups are in 17 Locations in 9 Months!