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S12F logoS12F (square one to freedom) is a privately held investment platform. We invest in venture capital funds, invest in venture backed businesses and acquire software companies.  We rely on exits and cash flow generated by our fully owned portfolio businesses and advisory work to fund new investments. We are entrepreneurs that happen to be investing. When we invest in your business you get access to our expertise, capital,  connections and talent introductions.


Are you adopted and thinking about DNA Testing in order to discover the identity of your birth parent?  Have you tested and have no idea where to begin? Have you recently learned something jolting from a DNA test and are looking for support?

If so, then you are invited to join the private Facebook group, “Genetic Genealogy for Adoptees”.  Genetic Genealogy for Adoptees was created as a resource for adoptees and search angels helping adoptees during their DNA journey. Lynn Grubb facilitates the group and members answer your DNA questions.

Lynn is a direct connection for Adoptees Connect, Inc. to guide adoptees searching. Her group has become an amazing tool for our organization by providing a trusting experience of search and reunions for adoptees all over the world. We’re honored to have a partnership with Lynn and we look forward to working with her in the future. To learn more about Lynn, visit her at her blog:  www.noapologiesforbeingme.blogspot.com

img_9745David B. Bohl is an independent addiction consultant, where he engages and empowers others as they struggle with their own or a loved one’s substance use disorders and mental illnesses, and the issues particular to lifelong recovery. He authored his memoir, Parallel Universes: The Story of Rebirth, in hope that it will open new channels for discussions about how to assist the under-served populations of those with developmental interruptions – traumatized individuals, adoptees, orphans, fostered persons, relinquished individuals, alcoholics, addicts, and their families and colleagues.

We’re humbled and honored to have the support of our friend & fellow adoptee, David B. Bohl. To learn more about his addiction consultant business, please visit Addiction Treatment Professionals | Beacon Confidential. To purchase a copy of his life changing memoir, please visit David B. Bohl | Author of “Parallel Universes”


For well over two decades, Sherrie Eldridge has offered her unique voice within the adoption community, as an established author and international speaker. An adoptee herself, Eldridge has the ability to see life through the eyes of an adopted child. In her seven published titles, she has shared her passion for validating adoptees’ life experiences and her desire to help adoptive parents better understand and meet their adopted children’s emotional needs.

Her best-selling work, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, is considered required reading by many US adoption agencies. In 2010, she

was named Indiana’s Congressional Angel of Adoption by the Honorable Dan Burton, Indiana Congressional Representative.

Eldridge is widely recognized and respected as a compassionate advocate for adoptees, cultivating understanding about adoption’s challenges and opportunities for all those whose lives have been touched by it.

In 2019, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew, is being used to qualify social workers and therapists for “adoption competency.”

Adoptees Connect is proud to call Sherrie friend, and her continued support is something that is meaningful to our entire organization.   To learn more about Sherrie visit her website Sherrie Eldridge, Adoption.  You can find her on her Facebook page Sherrie Eldridge, Books.

img_9760Sandy Musser, Adoption Reform Activist, Author, Public Speaker since 1976

Sandy has been an Activist for the past 40+ years. During the mid 70’s, she was invited to speak to the Children’s Bureau in Wilmington, DE and asked to share her personal story with social workers and adoptive parents. It was the first time she had spoken publicly of the tremendous loss she experienced when she surrendered her baby girl in 1954.

After reuniting over 500 families, Sandy became the first person to be sent to Federal Prison in Mariana, FL, for her adoption work. She was arrested for participating in “underground searches”, making it possible to reunite over 500+ families that had originally been separated by closed adoption.

When she came home from prison in 1994 , she wrote the book, To Prison with Love – The True Story of an Indecent Indictment and America’s Adoption Travesty, to explain how it all unfolded. An updated edition was published in 2013, and is a great resource book for Adoption Reform Activists. It is available through Amazon and other book outlets online.

Sandy is a strong proponent and outspoken leader, for the opening adoption records throughout the country; and had a part in reuniting thousands of families during her 40+ adoption career!

Sandy moved to Cape Coral, FL in 1983, where she has lived for the past 37 years. Her first two books are only available on Kindle: I WOULD HAVE SEARCHED FOREVER! and WHAT KIND OF LOVE IS THIS? Her continued support for Adoptees Connect, Inc. is extremely valuable and we’re so proud of her and honored to know her.

img_0125Leslie Pate Mackinnon L.C.S.W. has practiced psychotherapy for four decades. She resides in Atlanta and presents both nationally and internationally on the issues that impact families conceived through adoption and third-party reproduction. She’s been featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, CNN, DAN RATHER REPORTS  and THE KATIE COURIC SHOW along with her oldest son. Leslie is featured in a book The Girls Who Went Away, and a documentary A GIRL LIKE HER.

Drawn to the field by placing her two firstborn sons for adoption when she was a teenager, her passion is to educate as many therapists as possible; before she drops! She currently serves on the Donaldson Adoption Institute’s Board of Directors, and Concerned United Birthparent’s Board of Directors. She offers consultation for the newTLC program,  LONG LOST FAMILY.  Her job is that of helping the participants manage the emotional intensity of the reunion process. Leslie is a nationally known trainer who travels across the country training therapists, agencies and child welfare workers about psychological issues inherent in adoption and third-party reproduction.

We’re elated to have the continued support and friendship from Leslie.  For more information about Leslie, please visit www.lesliepatemackinnon.com.