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January 13, 2018 Is When It All Began…



By Pamela Karanova

January 13, 2018 is when it all began. Our Adoptees Connect – Lexington, KY group met for the first time. A few hours earlier, the Adoptees Connect – Lancaster, PA group met hosted by our longtime friend & facilitator, Kevin Engle. Kevin and I laugh at the fact (and he will never let me forget, smile) that he officially planted the very first Adoptees Connect group in the world because his was hosted at 10AM on January 13th in Lancaster, PA and mine was hosted at 5PM here in Lexington, KY. He wins in planting the very first Adoptees Connect group in the world! 



img_1032Kevin and I have become friends and I’m honored and thankful he’s been on this journey with me from the very beginning. At this point, Adoptees Connect groups were officially off the ground in two locations in the U.S.A. In the coming months we had no idea that so many other adoptees would want to jump on this adventure with us, and plant groups in their cities as well. 

We quickly learned that the need for these groups was so great, because there’s never been any resources for adult adoptees anywhere, UNTIL NOW. Adoptees finally saw it as a lifeline, a glimmer of hope. While online groups for adoptees are expanding, there have been few connections made in real life in our own communities. 

Adoptees Connect is changing that. 

In just two short years, 45 connect groups have been planted in 43 cities and 27 states. It is the hope of Adoptees Connect to plant a group in every city, in every state in the country. This way, anywhere an adoptee might go, they will always have a community to fall back on. Our groups are designed to take online relationships offline, and to get to know the person behind the profile. We’re focused on building lifelong connections, hearing & healing hearts and putting adoptee voices first. 

In a few days, we will be celebrating two years of the launch of our first Adoptees Connect group. Our celebration isn’t only for our groups in Lexington, KY or Lancaster, PA. It’s a celebration for all the groups that have been planted in the last two years and the groups that are going to be planted in the future. Is a celebration of growth. It’s a celebration for all the attendees of our groups, because they finally have a space to come share their hearts. It’s a celebration to lift up all of our volunteers, supporters, facilitators, board of directors, and affiliates. We wouldn’t be Adoptees Connect, Inc. without the outpouring of love and support we’ve received from all over the world. 

We’re humbled and honored to extend you an invitation to this celebration that we will host on Saturday, January 11th, 2020 here in Lexington, KY at Malibu Jacks.  This event is 7PM-10PM. I know some of you are far away, and travel isn’t possible but we’re extending the invite anyway. For those who might be able to travel a few hours, we would be honored and excited if you would consider attending. 

As 2020 begins, Adoptees Connect is just getting started. We’re excited to see what the future has in store. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for being a part of this amazing time in the adoptee community. 

We’re not waiting on change, we are the change. 

Adoptees Connect, Inc. 

For details on our 2 year celebration or if you plan on attending, please RSVP to our invite on Facebook. You can find it here.

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