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Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Adoptees Connect, Inc!

Happy 5th Anniversary to Adoptees Connect, Inc.! 🌈

January of 2023 is five years of Adoptees Connect, Inc.. being a nonprofit organization, and today, we’re celebrating one of the very first resources created for adoptees by adoptees!

It’s hard to fathom that adoptees had little to no resources to fall back on five years ago, and today things are changing significantly for the adoptee community!

Not only have we planted groups all over the USA, but we have also expanded internationally!

We made it through an enormous pandemic, being a nonprofit where none of us are paid, yet all of us are volunteers providing a labor of love for the adoptee community!


While we launched our first in-person group in January 2018, we must remember all the people worldwide who have supported Adoptees Connect, Inc. in some way!

The amount of love, acceptance, guidance, support in time, treasures, and talents exceeds anything we could have imagined.

Our facilitators are the best, our board of directors shows up and shows out, our tight-knit community echoes worldwide, and the gratitude we carry for all the LOVE is endless. Thank you for supporting and celebrating with us as we reach this fantastic milestone!

Adoptees Connect is where adoptee voices meet! To learn how to plant a group in your city, click the link below.

Love, Love

Pamela A. Karanova, Ellie Rosen & Lynn Grubb

Group Locations: USA

Group Locations International:


2 thoughts on “Happy 5 Year Anniversary, Adoptees Connect, Inc!”

  1. Congratulations! I am so thrilled to be part of this group and facilitating an affiliate in Southern MD!

    Our group is growing, slowly, but surely, and it’s been amazing!

    Thank you for your vision and leadership.

    Angie McRae AC – Waldorf, Ms

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