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Adoptees Connect Small Groups are in 17 Locations in 9 Months!


Day by day our groups are growing, and adoptees are stepping up to make a commitment to plant these groups!

This is a cause for celebration!

I’m literally blown away at the network that is being built and woven together by our adoptee community via Adoptees Connect! For so many of us, its been a lifetime of heartache and heartbreak and living in isolation navigating LIFE alone. We’ve never had any resources until NOW.

For me personally, I’ve seen countless amounts of therapists who have never been able to help me because they don’t understand all the dynamics of what it costs being an adoptee. I’ve mentioned many times my breaking point in starting these groups I couldn’t spend one more minute of my life “therapying the therapists” about adoptee grief, loss, abandonment, rejection, trauma, etc. I’ve seen counselors since I was 5 years old. It’s been a long time coming.

*Disclaimer- We aren’t a replacement for therapy, although our groups can be therapeutic.

I can share from experience, I’ve done everything in my power to “heal” from this “Adoptee Thing”. I’ve read books, listened to podcasts, done healing exercises, prayed, written and shared my story, and the list could go on forever. I’ve concluded that I’ve healed in certain areas and some of the wounds that are a result of being adopted are simply not going to heal. I spend years of my life running a rat race, trying to be healed because my time spent in a spiritual type settings that’s what I was expected to do. If I didn’t heal, something was wrong with me or I didn’t pray enough or fast enough. It was my fault after all because I was choosing to hold onto the pain? This was actually very damaging to me. Some things have helped, some things have healed, but there is still hurt and pain that I have accepted is here to stay. Acceptance of THIS was actually a critical and pivotal point in my journey.

Accepting the pain was here to stay allowed me to use that pain for a purpose…

Why accept this hurt and pain?

I’ve decided it’s the force behind the drive that will continue to PUSH ME to do something BIGGER and BETTER for my fellow adoptee community. That said, this pain I still carry has great purpose behind it. When I’m feeling the pain, I make the choice to shift into this great calling God has on my life. I’m not wasting the pain.

Imagine if we lived in a world where everyone was totally “HEALED” Would there ever be change? Life doesn’t work like that. We go through things, and it’s up to us to find purpose behind our pain. This is where I get my passion from for Adoptees Connect.

From my experience, connecting with adult adoptees in real life in my community has changed everything! My hope and desire is that this vision will extend far beyond my community, my city and my state. My heart is wanting ALL MY FELLOW ADOPTEES to have this community of Adoptees Connect in real life.

If you’re an adult adoptee reading this, please know you have the best experience in the world regarding being Adopted and what it feels like. This makes you qualified in starting and planting an Adoptees Connect Support Group in your area. I would love to extend an invitation for you to get on board with our cause and join our network of Adoptees Connect Support Groups! Chapters are forming all over and we’re waiting on YOU! We believe in you!

I read a quote onetime – “Stop talking yourself out of opportunities because you don’t feel like you’re “ready” yet. Its time. You’re ready now!” – Unknown

To find a list of our current group locations click here. Adoptees Connect Group Locations.

If you are interested in planting your own group fill out the form below.

We will get back to you ASAP.

Warmest Regards,


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