Our Adoptees Connect – Lexington, KY Group Went Hiking!


Greetings Everyone!

This past Saturday May 19, 2018 a few Adoptees from our Adoptees Connect – Lexington, KY group got together and decided to go on a hike together! The time spent was so valuable for each of us! We set out to find Tioga Falls which is a waterfall one of the 300+ waterfalls in the state of KY.

We started out meeting at the trail head in West Point, KY. I’ve been to this amazing place before, but it was a surprise to my fellow Adoptees, Stephani & Harris. I couldn’t wait to see what they thought of this experience and the best part is we were going on an Adventure TOGETHER! I honestly felt like I was in a safe place with a brother and a sister. It was an immediate connection.

It’s so easy to get consumed in the things life hands to us. For many of us we can be completely consumed in our adoptee advocacy or work, our life seems to be passing us by without much joy along the way. I’ve learned that it’s so critical that we break away from time to time and go explore all life has to offer.

What does that look like for you? Pulling away from social media and turning our phones off, walking outside and finding an adventure to experience. Sometimes it’s a planned adventure and sometimes it’s spur of the moment. However you decide to navigate things, take some time for you. Find what feeds your soul and spirit. For me it’s nature and being outside. It’s so easy to get caught up in a “All work and no play” cycle but we must take care of ourselves. We must practice self care activities and create a healthy balance between our work lives and activities for our enjoyment.

Meeting with my fellow adoptees was a surreal experience. I honestly can’t say I’ve been hiking with another adoptee, let alone two adoptees ever before. I felt an instant peacefulness and freedom like never before and to have two people who I share such a common bond with was AMAZING! We laughed at one another, we cried together or maybe it was just me crying talking about my birth mother , we listened to one another. We never ran out of things to talk about. I was fascinated by our level of comfort in sharing our hearts and our stories with one another. We knew we were in a safe space, and nothing we shared or said was going to go beyond that space. I miss this experience already and must plan for another one soon!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who knows what our next adventure will be but we will definitely have more. My suggestion to you who might be reading is, if you are an adult adoptee in or around the Lexington, KY area we would love to meet you and get to know you. Your days of feeling isolated and alone are OVER!

We meet the 2nd Saturday of every month. Our next meeting is June 9th, 2018. Location TBA. Please check our Adoptees Connect – Lexington, KY Facebook page for our event invite. We look forward to seein g

Thanks for reading!

Pamela Karanova | Founder – Adoptees Connect


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