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NAAM18 November Polls Powered by Adoptees Connect



It’s about that time for National Adoption Awareness Month 2018 to do what it’s going to do in bringing awareness in one way, shape or form regarding adoption. In collaboration with hundreds of adoptees who participated in our polls, we’re excited to have a chance to raise adoptee voices for NAAM18 and share the poll findings with everyone in the adoption arena, and beyond.

During the month of November, we’ve got some who want to share how wonderful adoption is, and then there are those who use November to promote adoptions across the globe. We’ve got adoption agencies ramping up to share adoption stories, as well as adoptive parents as well as agencies highlighting the adoption experience as a glamorous wonderful life for all involved. We will find many variations of individuals who find themselves somewhere in the adoption arena who feel they have something necessary to contribute to the month of November.

So let’s bring on NAAM NOVEMBER 2018 with a BANG!

What we seem to always be missing in November is elevating the voices of Adult Adoptees. Although our voices are shining brighter than ever before, we still seem to be the dimmer voice because so many people in the adoption arena refuse to listen or hear what we have to say. At Adoptees Connect we believe Adoptee Voices are the most important in the adoption arena because we have the lived experiences in being adopted. Non-adoptees have no idea what it feels like to be adopted, and many times when adoptees share experiences the willingness to listen and learn is nonexistent. We find non-adoptees continue to speak for us and over us. We’re finally standing up and speaking for ourselves.

At Adoptees Connect we’re aware of the very alarming statistics that adoptees are over represented in jails, prisons, mental health facilities and substance treatment facilities. Adoptees are 4x more likely to attempt suicide than non-adoptees.  Although adoptees make up approx. 1-2% of the population, 16% of serial killers are adoptees. We can’t continue to ignore these statistics.  For all the adoptees who have ever felt isolated and alone in the way you feel about your adoption experience and feelings, this campaign is for you.

This November we decided to give the microphone to Adult Adoptees and ask some very serious questions via How Does It Feel To Be Adopted? Our hope is to come together as one stronger voice, THE ADOPTEE VOICE for NAAM18. In attempts to create focus on Adoptee Voices we launched some polls mid-October with a campaign called “CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?”

“CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?” is an attempt at adoptees coming together to answer poll questions to share our voices TOGETHER. Adoptee Voices are almost always overlooked in the adoption community. Togetherness brings a deeper level of loudness. As adoptees, we will continue to come together to share our truths until we feel like we are being heard.

Over the month of November, we will be sharing one of the poll results daily in our online communities as our contribution to NAAM18. During the month of November, we will be asking more questions in poll form which will allow us to gather all the questions the end of the month and create an information article regarding all the poll results at one time. Take note, these results won’t be available until the end of November because we are still asking questions through the month of November. Once the polls end, we will feature the ending poll results here on our website. Please follow us and check back frequently.

Adoptees: We would love your input or suggestions regarding poll questions. It’s been brought to our attention that we need more questions regarding late discovery adoptees, international adoptees and open adoption adoptees. If you can help us with any poll questions about these topics based on your lived experiences, please send the questions to the inbox of “How Does It Feel to Be Adopted?” on Facebook. Our polls will stop November 23rd, 2018.

For all the adult adoptees who have poured your hearts out in answering these poll questions, THANK YOU! It’s not easy to answer some of these questions and putting ourselves out there to share our experiences. Our hope is that through these polls, a deeper level of awareness and action to create more resources for ALL ADOPTEES is highlighted during the month of November 2018 and beyond.

Adoptees Connect is founded on creating a safe space for Adult Adoptees as our groups are growing and being planted globally. Powering this poll for NAAM18 has shown how desperate adoptees need these resources in all our communities. We won’t stop sharing the truth, until all adoptees have the support groups, and resources they all deserve in their communities.

Check back the end of November for a complete list of poll results. Follow our social media to receive a daily poll result throughout the month of November.

Thank you for your support of Adoptees Connect.

We aren’t waiting on change.



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