Starting A New Group


At Adoptees Connect we feel the biggest qualification you need to start an Adoptees Connect group in your city is being an adoptee yourself. We have the most experience in the adoption equation, more so that therapist, adoptive parents and birth parents.

Facilitating a small group can be complex but no experience is needed, although it would be beneficial. If you don’t have small group experience, its okay.

If your adopted and searching for that safe space to be able to share your heart, please think about starting your own Adoptees Connect in your community. If you would like to be listed in our database, and affiliated with us please just let us know so we can add your group to our list of resources.

So many thoughts can come over us that we aren’t worthy or we wouldn’t be good at this. Better yet, “Maybe I have too many issues to have a support group”

We’ve heard it all but the fact is, we all have issues and none of us are perfect. If we had it all together what would we need a support group for?

As we begin 2018 I would like to encourage you to step outside the boat and take a chance in starting your own Adoptees Connect Support Group. If you don’t try you will never be able to say you did.

Below are a list of recommended resources for starting a support group. If you have any resources you would like to add please let us know. We would love to share more information with you if you are considering planting your own group.

Reach out to us and leave a message below.

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Recommended Resources

MNADOPT      – This website is full of contacts and resources regarding adoptee support groups. Reach out to them by email, and most of them would be happy to help guide you in the right direction.

American Adoption Congress- Starting A Support Group This page has a wealth of information on starting a support group.

Amercian Adoption Congress – List Adoption Support Groups This list is full of contacts of others who already have support groups. Reach out to them via email. Most of them would be happy to answer questions or share resources.

The Basics of How to Start A Support Group – This site shares the basic method to start a support group.

How To Facilitate A Support Group Wonderful resources from Mental Health Americs’s Center for Peer Support.

Tips & Techniques for Facilitating a Group Helpful information on facilitating a group.

Hope this helps. This list will grow as we discover resources. If you have anything to add please email Pamela at