Adoptee Visionaries

It all started with a vision, that festered inside for many years. The vision was to create something for the adoptee community to create validating spaces for adult adoptees to gather and share experiences regarding their adoptee journeys. Eventually, Adoptees Connect was brought to life.
Adoptee Visionaries was created as a space for adoptees to come together and support and encourage one another as we share visions that provide more resources to the adoptee community. We will navigate the journey in what it looks like to bring the visions to life, as well as share the adoptee’s story on how their visions came about.
Some visions will be healing areas for the one adoptee sharing, and some will be healing areas for our entire community. No vision is too small, or too big to bring to life. Sharing our visions and the process of bringing them to life can serve as an empowerment tool for the entire adoptee community.
Adoptees, have you ever had a idea or a vision to help enhance the adoptee community or to provide a resource, yet lack of support or encouragement stood in the way of you bringing your vision to life? Do you have fears of how the adoptee community will receive your idea?
We can share the commonality of being Adoptees, but we really have no idea what it costs to be each individual adoptee. It’s taken some of us an entire lifetimeto emerge out of the fog, and spread our wings and fly. For many of us, when we’re bringing these ideas to life for the adoptee community through memoirs, books, retreats, documentaries, movies, articles, blogs, art, poetry, and much more, we have no support from our adoptive or biological families. Some of us are all alone in this thing, so this is where our Adoptee Visionaries community comes in at.
Our goal is to empower, encourage and create a unity among the adoptee community where we support one anothers visions in hopes to create more resources within the adoptee community as a whole. We want to share the stories of adoptees leading the way, so they can share what took their vision to action, and how that decision has changed their life and those around them.
We’re a space to inspire.
Those who are a part of this community, have a desire to encourage their fellow adoptees providing a space of support because the adoptee community needs MORE support. We’re counteracting with the negative voices we might hear in our heads, from our families or even from those in our very own adoptee community. We can’t afford to let the voices that don’t support us, stop us.
 Our time is now.
We aren’t waiting on change, we are the change.
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