Adoptee Remembrance Day – October 30th Agenda

To see a comprehensive list of activities you can do to participate in Adoptee Remembrance Day click here.

To learn ways you can help promote Adoptee Remembrance Day click here. 

Rise & Shine – Tune into this life changing adoptee centric song, “My Home” by Musician, friend & fellow adoptee, Darren Zancan on YouTube – Darren shines a light on many areas that so many adoptees feel by spending our lifetimes, trying to find our way home.

Adoptee Centric Music Playlist by Anne Heffron  (Online) Consider starting your day by tuning into Anne Heffron’s creative playlist by adoptees, for adoptees. This playlist has 266 songs and over 7.5 hours of playing time. All of the songs have been suggested by adoptees as a reflection of a connection to their adoption experience. To visit this playlist click here. 

A Message from Pamela Karanova (Online) – Please take a moment and read Adoptee Remembrance Day – Express Yourself and What You Can Do to Support Adoptees on Adoptee Remembrance Day – October 30th. View Pamela’s tribute to Adoptee Remembrance Day – It’s Hard to Smile Today.

Adoptees On – NEW Episodes (Online) – Tune into Adoptees On as our friend & fellow adoptee, Haley Radke shares two episodes dedicated to Adoptee Remembrance Day. To hear Haley’s interview with Pamela Karanova on the start behind Adoptee Remembrance Day click here. (Airs 10/23/20)  To hear Haley’s community episode on Adoptee Remembrance Day click here. (Airs 10/30/20) These links will not work until the episodes air. Check out Haley’s thoughts on Adoptees On on Adoptee Remembrance Day.

12PM EST – Adoptee Remembrance Day Moment of Silence (Offline) – Wherever you are, pause for 4 minutes of silence to honor our fellow adoptees who didn’t survive adoption. This is not an online event, however some individuals and groups are hosting online events to contribute to this day. We encourage you to participate by planning your own online event and/or by gathering in person with friends, family and loved ones and/or participate solo. 

12:04PM EST – Exclusive Premier of the Official Trailer of Reckoning with The Primal Wound (Online) – Rebecca Sansom teams up with Nancy Verrier to make documentary ‘Reckoning with The Primal Wound’. We will share the premier on our Adoptee Remembrance Day – October 30th Facebook page at 12:04PM EST. They chose to release the trailer on Adoptee Remembrance Day to bring awareness to the struggles that come with the entire adoption experience. Like it says in the trailer, Adoption is love, but it is also loss. Rebecca and Nancy both believe the more we listen to adoptees themselves about the adoptee experience, the better it will be for all involved. Check our Facebook out at 12:04PM because you don’t want to miss it!

Adoption Mosaic Panel – Tune into the Adoptee Suicide Awareness & Mental Health Series hosted by Adoption Mosaic. It will be available from Friday 10/30 to Sunday 11/1. To view this lifechanging panel, click here. To learn more about Adoption Mosaic click here.

Adoptee Memorial Wall (Online) – While we respectfully honor and acknowledge adoptees who have died by suicide and the hands of adoptive parents we encourage you to reflect on the Adoptee Memorial Wall. Please share it with your online communities, as well as contact the administrator to add submissions. To visit the wall click here.

InterCountry Adoptee Memorial Page (Online) – Please visit the ICAV Facebook Memorial Wall to honour intercountry adoptees for whom the adoption journey was just too hard and too painful. This page is to also honour those for whom the adoption journey meant the end of their life because they were placed within families who did not choose to support and nurture them, but instead, added to their misery and pain. Reach out to the admins of the page to add submissions. Lynelle Long, founding director of ICAV shares a piece that is a critical read, Dealing with Adoptee Suicide. We encourage you to visit the InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV) website to learn more about this amazing organization.

Listen to Adopted Feels Podcast (Online) – This podcast was created in collaboration with ICAV, dedicated to a 3 part series on adoptee suicide. To listen visit links Adoptee Suicide Awareness Part 1, Adoptee Suicide Awareness Part 2, Adoptee Suicide Awareness Part 3. 

This Adoptee Life (Online) – Amanda Medina is a transracial adoptee who shares here journey with the world. Please visit her website to learn more about her story by visiting here. She has a special message for her followers about Adoptee Remembrance Day. Please check it out here.

5PM PST Adoptee Remembrance Day – Open Mic Hosted By Liz DeBetta (Online) – 5PM PST/ 6PM MST/8PM EST If you are an adoptee who has a poem, song, or story to share to be a voice for the voiceless I want to hear from you! Join me, Liz DeBetta, in speaking our truths and honoring the memory of those we have lost too soon. I will be hosting a Live Poetry Reading/Open Mic on Zoom in the spirit of using storytelling & poetry for healing in community while also creating awareness for the public about the high rates of suicide, substance abuse, and mental health challenges in the adoptee community. To visit the official event invite to RSVP click here. To sign up and register for this event visit click here. To log in to the zoom meeting for this event click here. In order to share, you must sign up and register to attend this event.

8PM EST Adoptees for Justice Adoptees Without Citizenship Virtual Vigil (Online) As part of Adoptee Remembrance Day, Adoptees For Justice invites adoptees and allies to a virtual Vigil for Adoptees Without Citizenship on October 30th from 8-9 pm EST. We know too many adoptees in our community who have survived abuse and negligence, who were deported because of the failure of the US government, and who did not survive or are struggling to survive their deportations to countries they left as children where they have no support network and limited access to mental healthcare. Too often, their stories, along with the inherent trauma of family separation that precedes adoption, remain unacknowledged or unknown to those outside the adoptee community. This virtual event is an opportunity for adoptees and allies to mourn and memorialize all the adoptees who have lost their homes, families, and lives. We will observe a moment of silence and honor the adoptees who are gone through storytelling by deported adoptees, and performances by adoptee poets and artists. Together, we will commit to fighting for all adoptees and ensure that no adoptee is left behind. Adoptee storytellers, poets, and artists – Anissa Druesedow ∙ Ben Coz ∙ Chaelee Dalton ∙ Julayne Lee ∙ Mila Konomos ∙ Rachel Koelzer ∙ Tiana Nobile. To learn more about this event visit here. To learn more about this organization visit here.

China’s Children International (Online) – This amazing organization has an aim to empower Chinese adoptees from all over the world by providing an inclusive and supportive community for all of us who share this common beginning. Laney & Charlotte have a message for you about Adoptee Remembrance Day. Please read this message here. To learn more about this organization visit here.

9PM EST Adoptee Remembrance Day Candle-lite Remembrance (Offline) – Shine a light or a candle on October 30th as we bring awareness on all that’s lost in adoption. We will reflect on adoptee suicide, adoptee abuse and murder by adoptive parents, international adoptees being deported due to lack of citizenship, adoptee mental health, grief, loss and trauma involved in relinquishment and adoption. We will remember our fellow adoptees who are overrepresented in prisons, jails, mental health and treatment facilities. We will acknowledge our own individual grief & loss as well as the grief & loss of our fellow adoptees. Before every adoption takes place, the adoptee has to lose first.  This is not an online event, however some individuals and groups are hosting online events to contribute to this day. We encourage you to participate by planning your own online event and/or by gathering in person with friends, family and loved ones and/or participate solo. 

Goodnight – Please tune into “I Belong to the Universe” by musician, friend & fellow adoptee, Daryl Fuller. We hope as you listen to this song, you can close your eyes wherever you are, and picture your entire adoptee tribe singing this song with you. We want you to know, regardless of your circumstances, YOU BELONG HERE & WE LOVE YOU.


Crisis Hotline Numbers

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

  • The Trevor Project – LGBTQ Community.

Call: 1-866-488-7386

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline

Call: 1-800-799-7233

  • National Sexual Assault Hotline

Call: 1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673)

  • Suicide Hotline:

Call: 1-800-784-2433

  • National Hopeline Network

Call: 1-800-442-4673

General Crisis Support by Text

  • Crisis Text Line: Text Support to 741-741 (24/7) Trained counselors can discuss anything that’s on your mind. Free 24/7, confidential.

Not a crisis but need someone to talk to:

1-877-840-5167 Mon-Fri 10AM-9PM & Sat 5PM-9PM EST

Haley Radke, Adoptees On Podcast Founder & Host
Lynelle Long
Founding Director 
InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV)
Darren Zancan, Richmond, Kentucky – Musician, “My Home”
Liz DeBetta, SLC, UT – Adoptees Connect Facilitator & Open Mic Host
Anne Heffron -Author, Mentor & Adoptee Centric Music List Creator
Amanda Medina, Founder- This Adoptee Life
Astrid Castro & Jenna Brown – Adoption Mosaic
Carlos Cady-Reheis – Adoption Mosaic Panelist on Adoptee Mental Health & Suicide Awareness
Pam Cordano, Author, Adoptee Advocate, Speaker & Adoption Mosaic Panelist on Adoptee Mental Health & Suicide Awareness
Jessenia Parmer, Founder, I am Adopted. Adoptee Mental Health Advocate, Adoption Mosaic Panelist on Adoptee Mental Health & Suicide Awareness
Daryl Fuller, Adelaide, Austraila, Musician – I Belong to the Universe
Rebecca Samson, Adoptee & Reckoning with The Primal Wound Filmmaker
Nancy Verrier – Author, The Primal Wound
Nancy Verrier & Nicole Opper
David Brodzinsky – Author, Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self
Founder/President Adoptees Connect, Inc.

To everyone that participated on this day, I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I truly feel that each year that passes, this movement will grow and our voices will echo near and far, and our truth will be heard in the Adoption Community. Every single adoptee counts, every adoptee voice deserves to be heard. We are the voice for the voiceless and for the adoptees who are no longer with us. We can’t afford to stay silent. From my heart to yours, I appreciate you, thank you and I LOVE YOU!



Pamela Karanova

Founder & President, Adoptees Connect, Inc.

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